Create your first XmartBox in minutes!

The XmartIT platform is designed for the fast and simple development of IoT devices or XmartBox's as you will see below.

Create an XmartBox to read Temperature and Luminosity

The only thing you need to create your first XmartBox is a BriX Core and another Brix that the project requires, let's take a simple example, we want to measure the Temperature and Luminosity in one place, we will simply connect our BriX Core with the BriX of Temperature and Luminosity and its ready!

Core Temperatura Luminosidad

Core Temperatura Luminosidad

If we also want, for example, to add a screen to show the data we simply disconnect the power supply, we connect the BriX OLED and it will be automatically detected when our XmartBox is switched on again.

Core Temperatura Luminosidad OLED

Core Temperatura Luminosidad OLED


In this same way we can connect multiple BriX to the same Core and we will have the devices detected automatically.

It would only be left to configure our new XmartBox to include it inside our network of XmartBox's as detailed in the post of Configuration of XmartIT Core

It is also possible to create battery-powered XmartBox's RF that send the data to one or several XmartBox that have a BriX core and an RF receiver, this will be treated in the post of Create your first XmartBox RF in minutes!


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