For everybody !!!

The main principle in the Xmart IT philosophy is to be usefull for all users interested in the IoT world, like:

  • Smart Home owners who buy xmart boxes to automate or monitor their home without the need of complex and wired installations and new wired net.
  • Smart business owners who want to monitor or want to become more productive in their business.
  • High Level Makers who want to produce new gadgets or projects but without the need to programming or soldering.
  • Low Level Makers who want total freedom to develop their own projects from scratch but starting with a lot of out of the box functionallity that simplify the development process.
  • For Schools who want to introduce kids to new technologies in a simple an affordable way.

Save money

Xmart IT ensure that our products and solutions are affordable for every one interested in the IoT world.

Low Cost

Our mission is to offer low cost IoT solutions with the better functionality and fully interoperable with the existing IoT devices and Gadgets (TV, Air Conditioning, lighting, etc)

Interoperable with existing IoT

Xmart IT guarantee that you will keep the value of your previous investments in IoT devices and of course you will add new value to your investment installing Xmart IT cost effective IoT solutions.

save money NOW!

Don’t forget that most of Xmat IT solutions are oriented to save money such as energy saving, improve the productivity monitoring and automating actions, etc…


As soon as you start working with XmarIT open modular IoT technology, you will love it! No matters if you are an end user who are seeking low-cost IoT gadgets for your smart home or business. No matters if you are an experienced IoT maker who want to develop innovative IoT devices and start making money with your inventions. XmartIT is for everybody and you will love IT

  • Easy to use and customizable
  • Low-cost IoT solutions
  • Premium community support
  • Best for moneymaking
  • Amazing smart things

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