Open, Plug & play, Modular , Wireless IoT Technology

Xmart IT is a plug-and-play toolkit that makes it easy to create connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It simplifies the development process, enabling you to build connected gadgets without prior hardware or programming knowledge. Just piece the modules together and bring your ideas to life in minutes!

  • Xmart Boxes communicates through a self-configuring p2p wireless network . It’s modular with many Plug & Play functional modules called Xmart Brix.
  • Xmart IT allows the connections of Brix without previous electronics or software programming knowledge.
  • Just connect your functionals Brix modules with our standard connector and bring your ideas into real smart things in just minutes!!

Build your own IoT wireless p2p network in 3 easy steps

One of the most advanced Xmart IT feature is the capabillity that xmart boxes comunicate between them in an autoconfigurable wireless p2p network .

Switch On

Switch on your xmart box.

Wifi Connect

Connect your web browser to the predefined xmart box wifi access point.
Configure your Xmart Box with your Home/Business Wifi credentials.


Your Xmart Box is ready to interoperate with others xmart boxes in the same network, and accesible via Xmart Apps

XmartIT Architecture

100% Arduino compatible

Xmart IT is very easy and simple to use and not require previous electronics nor programming knowledge but for makers who preffer to develope their own xmart box from scratch we provide a fully customizable API for arduino IDE, thus they are no limits in your creative process.

The main element in a Xmart Box is the Xmart Brix Core, an ESP8266 microcontroller based board with the following features:

  • Powered by 3,3v – 5v – 12v power source or batteries
  • Up to 32 autodicovery, Plug & Play I/O ports
  • Standard Xmart Brix 6 pin connector
  • Wifi on board
  • Other optional communications supported (IR, RF 433 Mhz)
  • Web config server

Xmart IT is 100% compatible with arduino IDE, just include our library in your arduino sketch and start to build your fully customizable project but with the main out of the box xmart it features:

  • Wifi p2p network
  • Plug and play xmart brix support
  • Data persistence in local or cloud services
  • Several xmart apps to manage your developments

Fully Interoperable

The open nature of Xmart IT allows to integrate with the most popular open source projects in order to ensure compatibility with the majority of manufacturers and standards in the IoT market.

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