Open source community

Other of the main principles of Xmart IT Philosophy is the mision to build a wide Open source comunity of collaborators in order to share the knowledge and ensure that Xmart IT technology will be in the top of IoT market.

Another advantage of our comunity is the capability to localize our products and solutions, even to give local support to our clients for our community members.

A new economic model

It’s obvious that actually world is changing the way people make business , new jobs types, new collaborative business models with low investments, etc. Xmart IT developes an innovative collaborative economics model that guarantee a way to monetize the efforts of our community members .

Xmart IT allows its active members the possibillity to create Xmart Labs which have the capability to create shops to sell o resell products or services even to give support to local members, publish their projects and solutions and to many ways to monetize the effort of the xmart lab owner

Locally supported

Xmart IT allows any active member to setup their Xmart Lab which will give local support to other close members.

Xmart Lab offering include

  • Xmart IT products Localization.
  • Local Support
  • Local Services (installation, training, 3d printing, etc)
  • Publish Xmart IT projects and solution in your local language.
  • Local Guarantee and replacemen
  • Local Picking of your purchases.

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