What are the Xmart BriX?

The XmartIT BriX are the core of the hardware in XmartIT. They are fundamentally all the elements available for the creation of IoT devices.

It is important to note that these are a series of products dedicated to people interested in developing XmartBox that will be a set of one or more BriX already joined and inside a box, which would ultimately be a final product that any user can integrate into their Xmart Home.

Every BriX's is designed to be connected to each other via the standard XmartIT connector or to be soldered together using the pads available on all BriXs.

We have now developed different types of BriX from XmartIT, which we detail below. With the existing BriX it is possible to create an XmartBox that solves almost any situation of monitoring or control.

Of course from XmartIT we encourage the creation of new BriX to increase the potential of the platform.


Communication BriX

BriX Core is the central device of the XmartIT platform, it has WiFi connectivity and connectors to add different types of BriX. Joining a BriX Core with one or more Sensors, Inputs, Outputs and Actuators forms an XmartBox.

An IoT device in minutes! and without programming, simply connect BriX Core to your WiFi network and you'll have control of your new prototype XmartBox.

The BriX core has pads or points of union on both sides to easily pass from a prototype with cables to a single plate with all elements joined that can be welded easily.

On the right side will locate the BriX that will be detected automatically and allow chaining one after another, these are the most common BriX.

On the other side is the connector and the pads for the BriX for the control of led strips, motors and other elements that require more power, these BriX are designed to provide power to the BriX Core in addition to the element to be controlled.

BriX RF Transmitter is designed to be powered by batteries and to connect BriX Sensors (compatible table), in this way it is possible to easily create XmartBox RF to send the data read to a BriX Core that has the BriX RF Receiver, for example the XmartBox Multi . The usual examples for this of XmartBox with RF Emitter would be:

  • Outdoor Weather: Measurement of temperature, humidity, luminosity and rain located outside. Powered by batteries sends the values read to XmartBoX Meteo Indoor.
  • Hall Sensor for doors and Windows
  • Soil Sensor
  • Presence Sensor


BriX Sensors o Inputs


This type of BriX are sensors or inputs adapted to the XmartIT technology that communicate automatically with a Communication BriX to send the readed values. It is possible to use almost any type of sensor used in Arduino and others through a series of "bridge" BriX that allows to convert the sensor to be part of the XmartIT ecosystem. In this way it is possible that the Brix currently developed by XmartIT are not the only ones available, anyone can create new BriX with new functionalities and incorporate them into XmartIT in a simple way.

As examples of BriX we can find:

  • Temperature, Humidity, Luminosity
  • Temperature, Luminosity
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Rain Sensor
  • Presence Sensor
  • Electrical Consumption Measurement
  • Hall Sensor for doors and windows
  • Soil Sensor
  • Sound Sensor
  • Smoke Gas Detection
  • Tactile Emitter Wall Switch
  • RF Wireless Switch
  • Gesture Sensor
  • Temperatura, Humedad, Luminosidad


BriX Outputs or Actuators

The Output Brix or Actuators are intended to display data as well as a display, lighting control, motors or other elements. The simplest example would be the control of Led strips RGB and Monocolor.

It is also considered BriX output RF Emitter, which connected to a BriX Core allows the sending of signals to (Link to wall switch with RF receiver) and to control the lighting both physically and remotely. In the same way you can interact with the (Link to the wall socket with RF receiver) and we could also control the electrical appliances in our network.

The available BriXs would be:

  • RGB Led Strip
  • Led Strip Monocolor x3
  • Servo - Motor.
  • Relay
  • RF Emitter
  • OLED Display
  • Receiver Touch Wall Switch
  • RF Wall Power Socket
  • Interruptor Receptor RF


BriX Virtual

There is also the possibility of including Virtual BriX from any source, so it is possible to get data from the internet (Weather Forecast, Stock Market, Social Networks, ...) and interact with the rest of BriX by conditions. A few simple examples would be:

  • Show Weather Data on Display.
  • Turn on an indicator formed by an RGB Led Strip in function of the stock market values.
  • Turn on an indicator when receiving a notification or email.

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