XmartBox Frame and Bases, 3D Designs

At XmartIT we have created a series of designs to facilitate the creation of XmartBox.

We will start with the Standard Frame and Box for the BriX, then we will continue with the Top Covers and Side Covers.

Frame or Standard Box

This standard frame design allows the same model to be used in all XmartBox designs.

With an outer dimensions of 102 x 86 x 22.4 mm allows to locate different configurations of BriX inside.

It also includes holes for different elements such as the microUSB connector, the battery switch, the anchor in the back for easy installation and the guides and holes for the bases, side and top covers.



Using the different bases is easier to locate the BriX within the frame or standard box according to the XmartBox you want to create, includes projections and holes for screws and the location for the microUSB connectors and the battery switch, also, depending on the model Base is designed to cover unused holes.

We can find different models of Bases:

Base Core

Base for the BriX Core that allows to easily locate up to five BriX in addition to the BriX Core.

This base can be used for multitude of XmartBox given the space for BriX available, some of the examples of XmartBox are:

  • XmartBox Multi
  • XmartBox Meteo Indoor

Base Core and Lights

Also we can find the Base for BriX Core and "Lights", this base houses the BriX Core and a BriX of Lights, this way it is possible to control an RGB led strip, or three mono-colored led strips. In the near future also will be available BriX of multiple types, as it can be the one of Servos and Motors, Relays, etc ...

In addition to this Base three spaces are available for BriX, so we can make multiple combinations to create XmartBox such as:

  • XmartBox RGB lights, temperature and brightness.
  • XmartBox Lights 3x Led Strip, Presence Sensor, Measurement of electrical consumption.

Base RF

The RF Base is intended for the creation of XmartBox RF, that is, XmartBox with sensors that send the values to an XmartBox Receiver. It has the space available for the BriX RF Emitter and two other BriX, there is also available space for the battery, in this case 3xAAA with switch included.

The RF emitter can connect to two other BriXs by creating multiple combinations of XmartBox RF, such as:

  • Outdoor Weather
  • Doors and windows
  • Presence, Temperature and Brightness
  • Water / Rain Leaks


In our shop you can find all the 3D designs on high quality modeling and can be downloaded completely free to print on a 3D printer.

It is also possible to buy them already printed.

In the next post we continue with the Top Covers and Side Covers that allow us to personalize our XmartBox even more.

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