XmartBox Side Covers, 3D Designs

These covers are intended for connectors of led strips, power of the XmartBox through the 12V connector of the BriX Lights, holes for the sensor of luminosity, as well as holes for the installation of mini jacks used in multiple sensors such as Rain Sensors, Ground Humidity Sensors, Electric Consumption Sensors, Door / Window Sensors, etc ...

Like the top covers the side covers also have a multitude of options, so we go to detail the current models, and will be updated as new models are created.

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Side Covers

Simple Cover

Cover with light sensor

Cover with 1 minijack hole

Cover with 2 minijack hole

Cover with 3 minijack hole

Cover with hole for 1 minijack and BriX of RGB lights or 3 strips led monocolor.

In our shop you can find all the 3D designs on high quality modeling and can be downloaded completely free to print on a 3D printer.

It is also possible to buy them already printed.

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