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The most important part of a smart home is how we interact with it, obviously we can do everything from our mobile or even with smart or traditional switches. But no one is aware that smart speakers and voice control are in fashion, and not only because they can play music, make calls or answer questions and other curiosities, but because it is the easiest method to interact with your smart home. .

The two most used platforms are well known, both Google and Amazon have multiple options to include voice control in your smart home. They have small differences that can make you opt for one or the other or why not, both, since there is no problem in having speakers of both platforms at home, especially for those of us who like to investigate with new technologies.

Both Google and Amazon speakers are perfectly valid and compatible with the smart devices that we recommend from XmartIT.

Both platforms allow the creation of “Routines”, which facilitate daily tasks such as turning off all the lights, creating sequences such as “Turning on the living room light, turning on the TV and setting channel 0” with a single command such as “I’m going to watch TV ”.

These routines also allow you to control the devices according to the schedule or some of the sensors, such as closing the blinds if it rains, turning on the lights at dusk or turning off the lights at bedtime or when leaving the house.

Although from XmartIT we believe that Google devices have lagged a little behind Amazon’s, due to their great variety, price and quality.

Depending on the moment, we can find the Amazon Echo Dot for € 25, which being the smallest of the family has an acceptable sound and can also be connected by cable or bluetooth to a much more powerful equipment to use it as a music player, it also includes microphones of very good quality that will recognize your voice from a distance, thus allowing you to interact with it in a very comfortable way.

We also found in the Amazon store other larger speakers such as the Echo Plus and Echo Studio, with superior sound quality and others like the Echo Show that include a screen, which makes them very interesting as an alarm clock or for the kitchen.

We also have the FireTV devices, which include the spectacular Amazon voice assistant, with which we can give orders from the command of our FireStick, or even directly with the new Cube.

We will detail in another article all Amazon Echo devices, although to start a simple Echo Dot can show us the power of voice assistants and you will surely end up with one in each room.

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